The background

Nutricia head up world leader Danone’s Advanced Medical Division, developing high-quality dietary products for the healthcare sector. Founded in 1986, it’s now the largest specialist nutrition company in Europe, and the UK’s market leader.

In 2013, Nutricia unveiled Souvenaid, a drink developed to support the management of early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. Souvenaid’s daily treatment plan called for a revolutionary customer retention strategy with email automation at its core. dotmailer worked together with Nutricia to deliver a replenishment campaign with real notoriety.

Making connections matter

Identifying care givers as primary purchasers, Nutricia launched Souvenaid Connections, designed to support both patients and their carers throughout the nurture cycle. Connections sent regular emails highlighting improvements that could be expected at each stage of treatment and, crucially, reminding customers when to make a repeat purchase. The campaign required intelligent use of data and a prioritization of personalization techniques. Nutricia’s partnership with dotmailer provided the key to success, as Lloyd Rees, Digital Marketing Executive at Nutricia explains: “The company’s traditional approach to marketing has been focused on targeting healthcare professionals, clinics and dietitians and using traditional pharmaceutical styles of sales and marketing. By implementing a strong digital component to drive direct engagement with carers and patients, Nutricia has managed to increase patient compliance and build an effective email marketing compliance strategy.”

dotmailer’s seamless integration with Salesforce couldn’t have provided a better fit for the Connections campaign; Nutricia were able to repeatedly and effortlessly convert existing customers. What’s more, the program’s flexibility and ease of use allowed Nutricia to bring all its marketing activities in-house.

Attracting attention with automation

Nutricia’s email marketing focus has produced some impressive metrics; average open rates hit 48%, with 21% of recipients clicking through to the website after reading. However, the real indicator of success lies in the repeat purchase numbers, which rose by 50%. The results have caught the attention of the wider group, with Danone looking to follow Nutricia’s example and roll out similar campaigns across their various divisions. dotmailer has supported Nutricia throughout  its email marketing journey, as Lloyd Rees explains: “When you’re breaking new ground in a large organization it’s very helpful to be working with a company that not only understands what you’re trying to do, but actively helps you with support, advice and ideas.”

A fully-automated future with dotmailer

Nutricia’s success with interactive email marketing is just the beginning. The future for the Connections campaign will see targeted personalization, and behavior-based segmentation tailored to the individual. All of this is made possible through a dedication to harnessing advanced, reliable data. With automation and e-commerce leaders like dotmailer and Salesforce in Nutricia’s pocket, the company is well equipped to create campaigns worthy of its position as international market leaders.

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