The background

PEI Media is a publisher with an audience made up of the global investment community, to which it provides reporting, analysis and commentary on developments in niche investment areas, including private equity, debt, infrastructure and real estate.

As the company is in the business of selling information, it uses a classic sales model of letting people have a taster for free but then charging for the whole meal. PEI Media needed to find a way to more effectively build its subscription and sales base, which led the company to implement an integrated CRM and email platform.

Compelling, customized content is critical

Jonathan Perry, PEI’s Marketing Director, explains why sending the right message to the right people is essential: “If you don’t make sure that your targeting and content are right, it doesn’t matter how many mails you send out, you’re not going to get the desired return on investment.”

PEI Media is using the dotmailer for Microsoft Dynamics connector so it can have a complete 360 degree picture of each person the company emails. James details the benefits of the seamless integration between the two platforms: “It means that we can build selections in the CRM based on a complete picture of the people we’re targeting and create an exceptional level of personalization.

“We segment based on a combination of past purchase behavior, open and click rates, reading patterns and other key factors.”

Better targeting led to a 400% increase in CTR

Through the ease of use of the dotmailer platform and the real-time data flow from the CRM, PEI Media’s new email marketing approach delivered some dramatic results. Jonathan explains further:

“Traditionally we would use a very sales-focused email to build subscriptions. But people today are much more informed, and increasingly resistant to hard-sell techniques.

“We could see when we analyzed performance, that emails which included offers to download examples of our information performed significantly better, both in terms of open and click through rates – with Click to Open to rates increasing by over four times.”

The company is also using behavioral data and the dotmailer EasyEditor to improve the format and style of its emails, which are much lighter on text and more visual. Jonathan comments that this typical B2C approach “does deliver very much better results”.

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