The background

ITV Studios distributes and sells over 4,600 TV programs to 14,000 customers globally, and it relies heavily on email to raise interest among these buyers.

Using email to nurture leads and close sales

With a high-value offering and a limited number of possible leads, ITV Studios needed to develop an in-depth nurturing strategy, as Greg Emson, the company’s Head of Digital Marketing explains: “We need to ensure that we are targeting the right clients from the outset and that we have a really firm handle on their likely degree of interest.”

By combining website and dotmailer’s WebInsights, Greg’s team can deliver exceptionally detailed intelligence to the account managers about the pages and clips their network clients are viewing. This insight includes how long they’ve watched a program for and which places the team in a very strong position when they come to discussing program sales with clients.

dotmailer for Salesforce made the cut

Collecting behavioral data on over 14,000 customers, across 4,500 programs, means ITV Studios need detailed, streamlined analytics to turn it into actionable information.

“As part of our streamlining process we are implementing dotmailer’s Salesforce connector,” explains Greg. “This will allow us to build deeply detailed profiles and parameters on all our contacts so that we can create emails that will still be very individual, but will also be capable of being automated and still avoid the risk of the wrong people getting the emails.”

The fully-integrated dotmailer for Salesforce solution will enable ITV Studios to manage all of its digital marketing activity, without ever leaving the Salesforce environment.

From BBC to ITV

Greg was responsible for introducing dotmailer to ITV Studios after his previous experience of using the service at the BBC.

“When I came to ITV eighteen months ago, moving to dotmailer was one of my first decisions, and it’s been extremely well received,” explains Greg. “The key to the success of our emarketing is that it delivers at both ends – firstly the usability and creativity that we can achieve, and secondly the results and analytics we can then use to drive decision making.”

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