The background

TUI is the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world, covering nearly 80 tour operators and operating from 18 countries.

The TUI Group went through a successful three-year program to integrate email, CRM, web and sales reporting. This project has not only given the company a common platform and a massively increased ability to send out effective communications, it has also helped TUI to understand its market better.

dotmailer cut data imports down from 2 days to a few minutes

Manual tasks like data imports were extremely labor-intensive for the team at the TUI Group, as Matt Royal, the company’s CRM Manager, explains: “Before we implemented dotmailer, it could take as long as two days to extract addresses for segmenting campaigns, import the data, create a pretty basic email and send it out.

“This was a major pain point, so when we showed that dotmailer could complete the same task in a few minutes, the decision to migrate became a no-brainer.”

Improving customer experience in a complex buying chain

At the heart of the TUI Group’s ongoing development strategy is mapping out customer journeys. This arm of the firm specializes in educational travel – from juniors’ holiday camps to WWI battlefield tours – so the buying chain is complex, with multiple stakeholders in schools involved in the decision making.

“We now have a very detailed database that allows us to analyze schools by demographics, geography and a wide range of other factors that influence their propensity to organize educational trips, such as gender mix, class size, exam results and a range of social factors,” says Matt.

The TUI Group uses this kind of information to segment contacts and improve the customer experience, as Matt explains: “We’re able to enhance customer service through segmentation, for example with child accounts and triggers that match to their preferences … all sent out automatically.”

Making it easy for everyone to be a better marketer

dotmailer’s easy-to-use interface was one of the things that stood out for the team at the TUI Group, as Matt details:

“Our mantra is that a marketing exec from any of the divisions should be able to map things to fields, create eye-catching and effective emails and not have to use an agency or a member of the tech team. dotmailer hit the sweet spot between advanced features and simple operation.”

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