The background

The origins of Naylors date back to 1965 when Derrick Naylor began trading from a former Co-operative shop in Norden, near Rochdale. Naylors Equestrian is now a family-run business, with a passion for continuously improving its retail offering and delivering excellent service.

Overcoming the challenge of leading on price and service

The cost of a full set of riding tack and various other accessories will easily run into four figures, but it doesn’t mean that those who love the expensive hobby aren’t price-sensitive. Therefore, Naylors needed to find a way to continue providing an outstanding customer experience and keep prices competitive.

Digital agency Space 48 helped Naylors implement an integrated multichannel strategy, which used the full potential of email marketing automation to keep the focus on seamless service. Oliver Lees, Digital Marketing Manager at Space 48, explains more: “The Internet has opened up opportunities for people to shop around in a way that previously was just not possible, and this means that building and retaining customer loyalty has to be a key priority for anyone serving the market.”

dotmailer for Magento works like a horse

One of the first attractions Naylors could see from migrating to dotmailer was the ability to seamlessly integrate live Magento customer purchasing data.

James Atkinson, Partner at Naylors, explains the benefits of the connector: “We personalize different parts of the emails’ content to individual recipients, based on previous purchases and browsing history, meaning that individual customers see different articles within what appears to be the same email. Once in place, it is fully automated and the ROI more than justifies the cost.”

One of the most successful uses of automation, using customer data in Magento, is a birthday campaign, as James details: “This automatically sends the customer a one-off £10 voucher to spend, and goes out on their birthday as an e-card. It was an idea we tried on the off chance, but has actually proved really successful.”

The move to dotmailer is delivering the numbers

Since implementing dotmailer for Magento 12 months ago, Naylors have seen a 219% increase in revenue, 186% increase in transactions, average order value increase of 11%, and a 21% increase in conversion from email to purchase.

“The results we have seen, even in the early stages of working with Magento and dotmailer, have been extremely powerful, and I look forward to even greater success as we move forward,” said James Atkinson.

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