The background

The Leisure Pass Group is a sightseeing and tourism technology specialist, which develops and manages city passes in some of the world’s top destinations.

Email supports a difficult marketing challenge

For many organizations, email is an exceptionally powerful way to generate repeat business. But what if 95% of your customers are only likely to buy from you once?

The challenge of determining which city a customer may visit next is a complex one and as Oliver Bedford, Online Marketing Manager, points out, “Repeat purchases and cross selling our other city passes is a major marketing challenge. Just because someone has enjoyed a city break in London doesn’t mean they will visit another European city in the next year or even 5 years”.

Email enables the team at the Leisure Pass Group to keep contact with its customers throughout the year so when they decide to travel – or even family and friends – the brand is top of mind. “With email, we are able to continually stay in touch and serve relevant content to them as we believe that even if they aren’t travelling they will have friends and family who are,” says Oliver.

Email is the travelers’ friend before, on and after the trip

With such an intense mix of content, destinations and customer preferences, Leisure Pass Group needed to automate as much of the email composition and dispatch as possible.

“We run around 200 different automated email campaigns from pre-purchase, browse abandon through to pre-arrival and post visit,” comments Oliver. “Ensuring the emails are as timely and relevant is essential. From localized languages to optimized send times per market, we ensure we are matching the customer preferences in a bid to convert them.”

The Leisure Pass Group also uses email marketing automation to deliver real-time updates to its customers while they’re away – from weather updates to restaurant recommendations. “We are probably dotmailer’s most automated customer, with up to 800,000 emails being sent out in a month,” says Oliver.

Connected systems means smarter marketing

For the team at the Leisure Pass Group, the dotmailer email marketing automation platform plays an important role in their multichannel marketing setup, as Oliver explains: “dotmailer as an ESP allows us to complement our other digital marketing channels, supplying us with an easy-to-use, automated system that makes our ability to convert and engage people much easier.”

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