The background

Oasis HR is specialist permanent and interim HR recruitment agency based in London, committed to sourcing the best mid-to-senior HR professionals.

The changing nature of the workplace means that company structures are now also going through a period of significant change, as business strategies are becoming much more employee-centric in an ongoing battle to recruit and retain the best available staff.

Why dotmailer for Salesforce got the job

The company chose dotmailer and the Salesforce connector, as it needed a platform that would enable the business to get a 360 degree view of everybody it deals with and communicate effectively.

“We are continually looking to find and place the very best HR talent in the market. “We needed an email platform that allowed us to get maximum exposure across our network in a smart and sophisticated manner,” said Katie Barr, Marketing Manager at Oasis HR. It’s therefore essential for Oasis HR to keep people’s details up to date.

“It was imperative that it could integrate with Salesforce, as we did not want to be moving data back and forth between applications,” Katie continues.

Customization of comms is critical to success

One of Oasis HR’s big plusses is that it takes time to implement effective strategies around the creation and dispatch of compelling and timely email content.

“A lot of recruitment agencies fire out email blasts, for example, when they have a new role they are trying to fill. However, we strongly believe that to get the right person you need to analyze your database very effectively to find a selection of outstanding candidates,” comments Katie.

An example of Oasis HR’s targeted campaigns is when the company invites select people to one of its Think Tanks, which is does by segmenting contacts. These types of emails are seeing an average open rate of 24.9% and a click-through rate around 27.2%.

Behavioral data, interests and preferences all play a part in helping Oasis HR match the right candidates to the right roles. “We can see when somebody is thinking about moving generally, the kind of industry they’re looking at, the level of role they are seeking. You can even get an inkling if someone is thinking of relocating by comparing their current address to the locations of jobs there are viewing,” explains Katie.

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