The background

Explorer Travel Insurance is an online specialist, with 80% of its new sales coming through digital channels. The insurance marketplace is particularly competitive – so the company’s challenge is to keep prices and costs down, while also developing customer relationships to foster repeat business.

Complex products require complex communications

Explorer Travel Insurance prides itself on offering premiums for all different kinds of customers, including no limit on age and cover for those with medical conditions. “Our customers, often due to their circumstances, tend to be more discriminating, so look for excellent cover and good customer service,” said Ian Jennings, Managing Director of the company.

Managing a wide range of customers, with different insurance needs and different content approaches, meant that the team needed a powerful and good value email platform.

Email is key to delivering outstanding service

One aspect of providing memorable customer service is maintaining high-quality communications. “I wanted to use email to cement customer relationships and loyalty, which meant putting in a lot more effort than just banging out reminders that a policy is due to expire,” said Ian.

For the team at Explorer, email isn’t just a tool to push its products; it’s a way to keep the brand front of mind by providing useful, interesting content throughout the year: “We use email creatively – so we provide a mix of background content, like competitions, and special offers that will just remind them we’re here and maybe trigger a response when they need cover,” continued Ian.

Segmentation enables superior targeting

Explorer Travel Insurance have built up a database of 50,000 opted-in names, which holds personal and transactional information about the person, together with rich data about their interests, their holidays and their personal situations.

Ian explained how this data really helps the company to talk to its customers on a one-to-one level: “This gives us the ability to target specific emails based upon a range of factors.

“We are also moving into sending out ‘value-add’ emails, for example, offering travel advice and reminders shortly before a client goes on holiday.”

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