The background

Aston Scott is a specialist insurance broker with an enviable track record of producing innovative and unusual risk transfer solutions for niche markets.

The insurance industry gets just one chance a year to do business with clients, so keeping them aware of their broker, as well as ensuring that the renewal proposal is timely, relevant and accurate can be a major challenge.

Personalization is key to success

The RoadRunner product was launched in 2005, and Aston Scott has built up detailed data on everyone they’ve had contact with since then.

“We know the renewal dates for a high percentage [of customers], and a lot of detail about their insurance requirements and preferences. The key to using this data successfully in marketing is to personalize and segment campaigns,” said Ben Read, Group Marketing Manager.

The team at Aston Scott uses a set of automation rules and triggers to send out renewal reminders in the weeks before customers’ policies are about to expire. However, as Ben explains, the brand goes beyond just the standard details to provide a tailored experience:

“We have many other codes that we use to personalize email content, such as the number of employees or the type of work undertaken. We can use this information to personalize messages that support the advice our team are giving to our customers. For example, reminding them about the need for specific types of cover that are relevant to the way they run their business.”

Automation has reduced manual processes by 20%

Email marketing automation has done more than just allow the team to deliver personalized renewal content at scale, as Ben details:

“As a result of introducing email automation, we’ve saved around 20% of our time just from not having to move information between multiple systems. I can now focus on outcomes rather than inputs, which is a much better way to operate.”

dotmailer makes multichannel marketing possible

Ben’s most recent upgrade has been the integration of the Dynmark messaging platform with dotmailer. “I can use SMS to remind people of days to renewal or other product-specific information, and even include the name of the relevant account manager and their phone number to encourage their response.”

Aston Scott now sees a 60% reduction in SMS send volume through the ability to target with more strategic precision.

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