The background

Upmarket fashion and homewares retailer Cabbages & Roses does over two-thirds of its business online and considers effective customer communication to be one of its key differentiators.

After a sell-off, the brand went from having nearly thirty retail outlets to just one, and a website, overnight. “Clearly, we needed to make a major effort to keep our customers aware that we hadn’t gone away, but were still very much in business. This called for an excellent web presence and outstanding communications,” said Christina Strutt, Cabbages & Roses’ Founder and Creative Director.

Automation helped a team of 5 handle change

Cabbages & Roses didn’t lose many customers after its high-street presence was stripped, but it was down to a small team to pick things up. The brand needed to find a way to keep the conversation going with its customers, with a heavily reduced headcount.

“We were down to just five people in the office and a similar number in the store, so we knew we had to automate a large amount of our customer communication program,” said Holly Leigh-Harvey, Operations Director.

The team required a fast and efficient way to create and deliver on-brand emails to its prospects and customers, explains Holly “I needed click and drag, easy use, powerful analytics and the ability to set things up once and have them run automatically. dotmailer offered all of these, and at a very fair price, so it really was a no-brainer.”

Abandoned carts. Rescued.

The link between Magento and dotmailer has opened up the opportunity for Cabbages & Roses to use triggered messaging to deepen customer interaction. One of the ways the brand has done this is by introducing abandoned cart follow-up emails, as Holly explains more:

“Once a cart has been abandoned, the visitor gets sent an email towards the end of the same day. If that doesn’t work, they get another one after 24 hours, then a third a week after abandoning the basket.”

This has delivered some great results, including an average of 19% conversion from the first email and 13% conversion from the third.

The results speak for themselves

Since moving to dotmailer and after one year, the ROI on Cabbages & Roses’ web sales compared to the campaign costs is over 5,500%.

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