The background

J. Barbour and Sons Ltd. Founded in 1894, is a global brand synonymous with waxed cotton and country wear, enjoying a reputation for quality and durability.

Demand was rising, but limited access and virtually no B2C online presence put Barbour in real danger of missing out on the online shopping boom.

Barbour needed someone to help them create their first online channel. Someone who understood the needs of a leading fashion retail brand on one hand, and on the other, all the technical solutions they needed to enhance the online Barbour shopping experience.

A popover helped 20,000 new customers pop up

One of the first tasks was to help Barbour create emails that were relevant to their customers. Gone was the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead came more personalization, together with more and better segmentation. This increased a relatively small customer base to over 300,000.

It was dotmailer that provided what Barbour still see as being the most effective way of building and maintaining an enhanced database: the pop over.

“It really was quite remarkable the way registrations ramped up,” said Elaine Taylor, Barbour’s UK ecommerce Manager. “In the three months after the popover was implemented, we signed up over 20,000 new people.”

The pop over worked by using cookies embedded on the user’s computer, so that if the website didn’t find a cookie showing that the person browsing the site had registered, it asked them to supply their email address in order to receive news and updates as soon as they first reached the site.

Personalized content is nurturing the numbers

Creating more dynamic, personalized content has meant even better results for Barbour. The strategy, advocated by dotmailer, saw much higher than usual open and click-through rates. Click through rose from 31.7%, and peaked at 57%, whilst open rates soared from 41% to 61%.

dotmailer also helped Barbour successfully implement Google Analytics, to help track traffic and revenue generated from emails. The initial results delivered some dramatic numbers: where roughly 1% of revenue came through Barbour’s email activity three years ago, today it’s producing nearly 6% of total sales.

Innovative ideas, successful strategies

Barbour experienced a rapid learning curve with the evolution of its ecommerce business. Elaine, however, was happy to agree that the dotmailer team provided strong and consistent support throughout the journey. “This hasn’t just been from the support team, but from the account team as well.”

“Implementing a full ecommerce program was very complex and needed every step to be taken in the right order,” she continued. “dotmailer delivered.”

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