The background

Award-winning jewellery maker Alex Woo founded her business in 2001. The challenge she faced was to transform her online presence from playing a supporting role to the brand in the bricks-and-mortar retail world, to one that enabled the ecommerce side to flourish.

The crowning glory

In 2013, the company decided to engage with dotmailer. One of the many things that appealed to them was the creative freedom that the dotmailer platform provided. The brand can quickly and easily build beautiful templates to promote their range. Even more valuable to the company, however, was the ability to integrate fully with the Magento platform through the dotmailer connector.

The personal touch, at the touch of a button

Connecting dotmailer and Magento has allowed Alex Woo to build really personalized email campaigns. Delivered automatically, dotmailer for Magento has allowed the company to pull in dynamic content that’s relevant to each customer.

So now, instead of being restricted to producing generic, impersonal campaigns, dotmailer has given Alex Woo the ability to see ‘hot spots’ in emails and make use of that information, helping them achieve an immediate 15% increase in click-through rates.

Seamless Magento integration

Feedback from Alex Woo confirmed that the integration delivered nothing but good. Janice Hwang, Chief Web and Graphic Designer at the company, said “The connector really was very easy to use. We were able to do all the development work in-house, create all the data fields, hit ‘Import my contacts’, point it at Magento and dotmailer did the rest.”

More volume, better results

Within just a few weeks of implementing the dotmailer platform and finishing the Magento integration, Alex Woo identified 17 different ways to segment their customer list. This allowed them to ramp up the volume of email, with substantial results. The previous email platform allowed a lot of spam subscribers to get through. However, dotmailer automatically removes all the junk email addresses.

The value of this was reflected in a sharp increase in open and click-through rates. Previously in low single figures, they rose well above 20%.

Thanks to the innovative, helpful new features and tools that are constantly being developed and delivered by dotmailer, and the close working relationship between the two companies, Alex Woo’s online success looks to grow and grow.

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