The background

With 194 branches spread across the UK, spicerhaart, under the haart group, is now the largest independent estate agency group.

“As a specialist division of the group, we are in an excellent position to help local developers identify potential sites within existing locations,” says Paul Copeland, the division’s Sales Director. However, when it comes to bringing the properties to the market, many of these developments are within sensitive areas and means that local authorities will impose constraints that can make selling them complicated.

Email gets the message to the right people

As part of restrictions set by many local authorities, a bulk of new homes must be sold to residents who already live in and around the area.

Matt Hamilton-Dale, the company’s Digital Marketing Director, explains the strategy that helped spicerhaart give locals in Bury St. Edmunds a head start: “We worked with the developer to set up a pre-launch, invitation-only event at the branch to take place the weekend the first release was announced on the Internet. During the six months running up to this, our branch staff captured details of any potential purchaser into our email database, and subtly mentioned that a new development would be coming on stream.”

The team at spicerhaart used this data to create and deliver a success pre-launch event email campaign, via dotmailer. The campaign produced excellent results with a 34.3% open rate and 14.37% click through, ROI of 6229% and a Silver Award from!

WebInsight provides a deep insight into potential buyers

spicerhaart has implemented a sophisticated digital infrastructure which captures details of every applicant. All emails sent through dotmailer are fully tracked – so not only can agents see who’s opened and read each email, they can also track which property details they’ve gone to the site to find out more about.

“Because we have such detailed information around our applicants, we’re able to identify further people who perhaps have not visited a local branch, but could still fit the profile of the ideal purchaser,” comments Matt.

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