The background

The Royal College of Physicians is one of just 20 Royal Colleges in the UK, and the first to receive a Royal Charter, which was awarded in 1518 by King Henry VIII.

Historically, the organization has always produced a lot of printed material – so spreading the word about the benefits of ‘going digital’ has proved to be a more complex process.

dotmailer is aiding digital transformation

In a typical month the Royal College of Physicians can send out over 200,000 different communications covering a massive range of topics.

“We produce a massive volume of news, notices, events and activities,” explains James Patterson, the Royal College’s Digital Communications Manager, “however, we need to ensure that what we send out to each Member is managed very tightly or we could end up deluging them with irrelevant material.”

As many of The Royal College of Physicians’ contributors are academics, the task has been educating them to write for online. “I love the fact that we can specify almost down to the word count what kind of messages should go in each part of the email,” says James.

dotmailer for MS Dynamics tightly manages Members’ interests

The Royal College chose Microsoft Dynamics and the dotmailer integration to keep track of Members and their specific interests.

The college implemented the dotmailer preference center, enabling it to harvest its Members’ interests: “This information is integrated with MS Dynamics, so we have an automatic suppression ensuring that if someone is selected to receive an email on a subject they don’t want, it will be suppressed and not sent,” explains James.

“MS Dynamics offers tremendous power for managing members’ preferences and keeping track of what they open and read.”

Powerful results, internally and externally

The results of using dotmailer and MS Dynamics have proven the solution’s value for the Royal College. “We’re definitely getting much more traction from our stakeholders around the organization,” comments James, “but even more important is that we’re seeing an improvement in Members’ reaction to the emails – in terms of increasing open and click-through rates.”

“Since introducing mobile email optimization, we now regularly see open rates for mobile emails above 40%, which shows the value of tailoring your message to the medium.”

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