The background

Help for Heroes is a charity that supports thousands of brave men and women and their families from the Armed Forces.

Part of H4H’s work includes the funding and management of a national network of Recovery Centers, which are helping those who have suffered life-changing injuries and illnesses while serving their country.

Keeping a high level of contact without the high costs

Help for Heroes suffers the same challenges as most other charitable organizations: the need to do more with less.

For H4H to continue its work, it needs backing and funding from supporters, as Ben Henson, IT Change Manager, explains: “We need to keep interest alive, to keep finding new ways to keep our supporters in touch, and without question, email is by far the most cost-effective way of doing this.”

Ben also introduced MS Dynamics to the organization, including the approved dotmailer connector: “Before we implemented the current system, someone doing an e-shot would have to export the mailing list from our CRM system and import this into the mail platform. Now, you can build a target list in MS Dynamics, write the text you need and upload relevant graphics to dotmailer, press ‘send’ and off it goes. It has slashed the time taken to do emails dramatically.”

Precise targeting and tailored messaging. Delivered.

The team at H4H chose to use MS Dynamics with dotmailer because of the ability to harness the power of behavioral and transactional data on its supporters. The connector passes data back and forth between the two applications seamlessly.

“The CRM provides us with the functionality we need to keep track of all our supporters and their engagements with the Charity,” said Ben.

“Being able to refine mailings not just by content, but by targeting them directly towards those people we know are most likely to respond, is going to have a profoundly beneficial effect on the success of email.”

The results are in

Not only is Help for Heroes seeing the huge potential of MS Dynamics and dotmailer for streamlining operations and reducing costs, but its email performance is up.

“dotmailer’s built in analytics track the receivers’ actions, including open, forward and click through rates, so we are using that information to help refine our email approaches. The response rates since implementing dotmailer have improved significantly.”

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