The background

Toolstop offers professional tradespeople huge savings on quality hand and power tools – with vast stocks, quality brands, volume discounts and next-day delivery.

Toolstop does not have a retail presence beyond its base 10 miles outside Glasgow. But Neil Bruce, the company’s Ecommerce Manager, points out that the cornerstone of Toolstop’s success is its strong focus on customer needs. “We knew that to stand out and build a loyal customer base, we had to be more creative.”

Tailoring content to different audiences made easy

Toolstop has become one of the UK’s premier independent suppliers of power and hand tools. It has over 200,000 subscribers, and generates business right across Europe, which means the brand must be able to deliver relevant communications to its different audiences.

“We don’t have a dedicated CRM system, as we can hold all of the information we need about a particular subscriber within dotmailer. This includes past purchases, how they have responded to emails, and the kind of things they clicked on, which makes building target segments very easy,” said Neil.

Triggered campaigns trigger the right response

New subscribers of Toolstop are automatically entered into its three-stage welcome series, which is designed to introduce new customers to the site and special promotions. Some of these emails are getting an open rate of around 55% - all from an automated program.

The team at Toolstop are also keen to stay on top of those who are no longer engaging with the brand’s marketing communications, by entering them into a re-engagement program. “If somebody hasn’t reacted to any we’ve sent over a six-month period, they will automatically be sent a three-stage campaign. The first one is quite visual, and shows two toolbags. Recipients are invited to click on the red one if they want to unsubscribe and the green one if they want to carry on,” explains Neil.

“This approach works very well because, we generally see in excess of 25% re-subscribing to the first email.”

The right tools for the job

As a company that specializes in selling quality tools and equipment, and offering outstanding customer service, Toolstop itself expects a similar approach from its suppliers.

“Our approach is to supply quality equipment that we know will do its job and do it well without causing the people using it any problems. That’s exactly what we get from dotmailer!” said Neil.

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