Email is the flavor of the foreseeable future

With very distinct differences between its B2B and B2C customers, gourmet flavor and syrup manufacturer Monin was in need of segmenting its email marketing campaigns to provide the most relevant content to potential buyers.

98% of Monin’s revenue comes from businesses, with the remaining 2% coming from consumers. So Stasha Johnston, the brand’s Digital Marketing Director, onboarded dotmailer to enable her team to better engage with customers and guide them through their unique journeys.

“We needed someone who was more involved with us, growing with us, and understood our business a little bit better,” comments Stasha.

Segmentation is stirring up subscriber engagement

Monin relies on email marketing segmentation as a tool to re-engage its diverse customer base. One campaign – called Relationship on the Rocks – involved segmenting and targeting inactive contacts from the last seven to 12 months. The email’s subject was titled ‘Are we breaking up?’ and asked recipients whether they wanted to continue receiving emails from Monin.

An impressive 25% of contacts opted to stay connected with the brand. Monin was able to re-engage more than 2,100 waning subscribers and remove those who had become disinterested, ultimately savings costs and resources, and improving engagement rates.

“Your openness to clean data and unsubscribe contacts will give you better email performance overall,” says Johnston. “It ensures that you are not blindly and futilely sending communications, and confirms that you are talking with the right people.”

‘Monin Monday’ campaign boosts sales by 400%

Marketers can often get wrapped up in devising innovative campaigns that sap time and money. But as Monin proves, a simple idea fused with the fundamentals of email marketing best practice can be a real winner.

To combat sluggish Monday sales, Stasha and her team began sending consumers a ‘Monin Monday’ email containing a tasty promotion. The unexpected 20% product discount code certainly grabbed attention and demonstrates the value in sending the right message at the right time. The campaign is now sent four to five times a year, boosting sales on average by an impressive 400%.

“We learned that spontaneous promotions with a timely call to action were a great way for us to incentivize purchases and drive revenue,” says Johnston.

To read the full story, download the full Monin case study.

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